Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Would Grandpa Wear?

If you are the type of person who asks themselves "what's in right now?" you should immediately answer your own inquiry with "whatever grandpa would wear." It's true, the older archived fabrics like Flannels, Donegals and Harris Tweeds are staging a comeback of true force right now. It isn't limited to just tailed jackets and trousers either.....
The sportswear lines from several designers at all pricepoints have re-introduced some of their earliest designs in updates fabric finishes. You will see a lot of shawl collared sweaters, covered leather button details, vests in every cloth imaginable, toggles, suede shoes, plaid everything, shorter trousers hems, chunky cropped (leather) jackets and an elevated interest in leather goods (yes, including "the man bag").
Each year, men are becoming more and more interested in accessorizing and taking a serious interest in the way they present themselves to the world. The majority of men feel the need to make themselves feel good through image......those who refute that say it because they simply don't know how to execute. One thing they can't argue is that everyone likes to feel good about how they look, and our grandparents' generation always knew how to do so.

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