Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A "Wowtfit" is a Wow-Outfit...something that demands attention, respect and admiration. It's a combination of elemental dressing that is reserved for those with advanced clothing know how, those people who just know how to create a look with items you wouldn't dream of pairing together. However, once done, and put on the right person - it's a new recipe with a shelf life of 18 enjoyable hours that shouldn't be repeated. A wowtfit is not transferrable to another person, so don't een think about duplicating it.

Like the perfect signature, no two wowtfits should ever be the same. Predictable dressing is the downfall of any dapper gent, so instead of relying on something that he knows works - he incorporates an item of two from previous pairings and matches other miscellaneous pieces to create the newest look.
It isn't enough to just be willing to put stuff on your back- you need to know that it works for you with certainty and defend the inquisition when it presents itself. To the masses - you may be a mess, but to those in the know, you are one of the rare ones....and you are appreciated.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Waisted Cloth

1. Buckle your belt on the loop you normally use

2. Check your waist line to see if there is excess cloth.

3. If excess cloth - call your tailor immediately.

"Excess cloth" refers to the bunching or cinching of fabric at the waist - which is a result of having trousers a size or 3 too large for your frame. Rather than being lazy, call up your clothing Doc and have it fixed expeditiously.

At one point, you probably filled those trousers out, but the long work hours, your dedicated gym routine and the constant nagging from your MD to shed the pounds have resulted in you finally taking action.

Congratulations on your recent weight loss. Now it's time to lose some fabric and put a pair of your "skinny" pants back into the mix. Failure to do so will result in you looking like a rumpled mess......and that will get you more negative attention than simply being a few pounds full.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not So Fast

Just because spring is here according to the calendar, it doesn't mean that low temperatures and cold weather clothing are out of the picture. Spring happens to be a time when items like flannel suits and lightweight scarves come in most handily.

The eager gent wants to put on his summer suits and wear the items that have been stored for months now. The patient and experienced man knows better. He is the one who will be properly attired in a flannel suit, sans any need for outerwear. Guess which will be more comfortable on his stroll throughout the city??

So even though the high for the day may be in the lower 60's, consider that you don't start your day at 2:00 p.m. when that temp hits. Rather, you are getting to work when the thermometer reads 42 degrees, and leaving the office when it's about the same. That, my friends, is not a number that demands lightweight wool.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where's the Issue?

If your dry cleaners have ever pressed your collars or cuffs to the point of severe wrinkling, don't accept their excuse that the shirt is made poorly. The truth is, the issue is quite the opposite. Traditional quality shirt makers do not "fuse" (fancy word for glue) the inner linings to outer fabrics on the cuffs and collars, they sew them in along the perimiter to ensure a proper fit over the life of the shirt. The reason for the wrinkles is because when a corner dry cleaner quickly sends your shirts through the presses, they aren't paying attention to the collar detail and the hand finishing that should be done.

Instead, they are used to pressing fused shirts, where the collars are stiff as a board and there isn't any fabric to be wrinkled. A quick press job results in wrinkles that are often hard to iron out and a look that says elementary.

While fusing sounds like a quick fix - it does have it's downside because it tends to shrink with regularity. Now you know why your shirts get tight on the neck and short in the sleeves after 6 months or so.

The ideal solution is to find a quality dry cleaner who uses a hand press to finish the focal points of a shirt, and not settle for the closest place to your home. Your clothes are an investment, one worth an extra 5 minute drive if needed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Too Tight = Too Bad

There isn't a more surefire way to look fat, than if you stuff yourself into ill fitting clothing. It is a misconception that putting on garments a size or 2 small will make you look leaner than you actually are. Regardless of what kind of shape you are in, the truth is, that clothing that resembles a sausage casing, is actually emphasizing what you are trying to hide and is making you uncomfortable in the process.

Do the right thing and buy clothing that fits the way it is supposed to - tailored and trim, without being tight and restrictive. Clothing is much more easily taken in, than it is to let out.

So, even though it feels good to buy things that are a size or 3 smaller than your frame, remember that you live in a world with other people...... people who have to look at you. The common courtesy here is to make the experience for them as pleasing as possible. Selflessness at it's finest :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Perfection is Imperfection

In the ongoing quest to look your best, it's important to realize (and come to grips with the fact) that your clothing will never look exactly like it does in the pages of much admired fashion magazines.....

You ask yourself how those clothes look so perfect in those pages.... The quick answer is the clothing has pins in them, the models are mostly stationary, and there is a nice tool they use called PhotoShop. Figure out a way to incorporate those elements into your day to day, and you too can have the same.

My suggestion, however, is to understand that clothing must be mobile. Like our bodies which wear it, the garments are in constant motion and adapt to whatever it is that we are doing. Fit is important, but perfection is impossible. Embrace that thought and you will stop wondering if this or that is fit just right...

Think about it: When you get fitted for a suit or any other tailored piece - you stand still infront of a mirror. You look at every little detail to make sure everything lies smooth. No wrinkles. No stitch out of place. Now, think about the last time you stood that way throughout the day - - you probably cant remember a time, because it doesn't exist!!!!

Stop wasting energy and thought on perfection and realize that if the fit is right, there must be room for imperfection - unless of course you are willing to stand still all day.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elevator Etiquette

4 people are standing in the lobby waiting to get into the same elevator....What do you do?

Most people file in line, and are anxious to step in as quickly as possible. Those with a touch of class do the right thing; step to the side, extend their arm to make sure the door closes and wait to allow everyone else to enter before themselves.

The small principle of selflessness will go a long way and make your fellow elevator riders smile and thank you. It's a nice gesture that you can use on a daily basis to help yourself feel good and also make a nice impression on total strangers.

While you're at bold and dare to even have a brief chat once inside the friendly confines. All of the other riders will stare at their feet or look stone faced at the small monitor mounted on the wall. You chose to be be friendly....and that will reward you later in the day.

And when it's time to exit the the last one out as well. Unless there are more than 5 people and it's packed tightly. Then it's everyone for themselves.