Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Waisted Cloth

1. Buckle your belt on the loop you normally use

2. Check your waist line to see if there is excess cloth.

3. If excess cloth - call your tailor immediately.

"Excess cloth" refers to the bunching or cinching of fabric at the waist - which is a result of having trousers a size or 3 too large for your frame. Rather than being lazy, call up your clothing Doc and have it fixed expeditiously.

At one point, you probably filled those trousers out, but the long work hours, your dedicated gym routine and the constant nagging from your MD to shed the pounds have resulted in you finally taking action.

Congratulations on your recent weight loss. Now it's time to lose some fabric and put a pair of your "skinny" pants back into the mix. Failure to do so will result in you looking like a rumpled mess......and that will get you more negative attention than simply being a few pounds full.

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