Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A "Wowtfit" is a Wow-Outfit...something that demands attention, respect and admiration. It's a combination of elemental dressing that is reserved for those with advanced clothing know how, those people who just know how to create a look with items you wouldn't dream of pairing together. However, once done, and put on the right person - it's a new recipe with a shelf life of 18 enjoyable hours that shouldn't be repeated. A wowtfit is not transferrable to another person, so don't een think about duplicating it.

Like the perfect signature, no two wowtfits should ever be the same. Predictable dressing is the downfall of any dapper gent, so instead of relying on something that he knows works - he incorporates an item of two from previous pairings and matches other miscellaneous pieces to create the newest look.
It isn't enough to just be willing to put stuff on your back- you need to know that it works for you with certainty and defend the inquisition when it presents itself. To the masses - you may be a mess, but to those in the know, you are one of the rare ones....and you are appreciated.

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