Monday, November 30, 2009

Attention Getters

Details like big pockets, heavy stitching, zippers, chunky collars, or (most commonly) buttons, draw attention to the areas of your body where they are placed. If you feel uncomfortable wearing certain styles of clothing it is generally because the areas that they are positioned on relative to your body, are areas that you want to improve on or change.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a cardigan sweater, even though they are quite popular, it is because the buttons on the swater start at the middle of the chest and work their way down to the waistline, causing attention to the mid section. Guys who choose to eat more than they workout generally have difficulty because the cardigan emphasizes the stomach.

To combat the issue, opt for items that draw attention toward the top of your profile. Items like 1/4 zip sweaters or half button sweaters start buttons at the chest as well, but work their way up instead of down (like a cardigan) bringing attention to the face and not the stomach. Keep these tips in mind when dressing for the slim factor.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sole Savers

Most likely you fall into the camp of "people who don't know what do do with their shoe situation when the winter comes around." If so, the fact is you have a couple of opinion is to take advantage of both of them.

1. Wear rubber soled dress shoes. Many shoe makers now craft them in a way that they still look sleek with a low profile rubber sole meant to immitate that of a more traditional leather one. These should be worn on days when it isn't rainign but the streets are definitely wet or snow packed. (

2. Invest in rubber shoe covers called galoshes. There are all kinds from simple black or even brown (generally about $20-$25) to my preferred style from a company called "Swims". These covers are a cut above the masses and retail for more than the standard (about $130) but they will pay you back in compliments. They look more stylish and are available in several colors, not to mention they fit and protect better than their competition. (

The point is, invest in your shoe care and shoe rotation before it's too late. One rainy or snowy day without the proper shoe (or shoe protection) is enough to take your $500 Ferragamos from "deal closers" to "deal breakers!"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pic it

The lapels on your suit can say a lot about the contruction and integrity of the garment..... Traditionally, "pic stiching" is the visible stiching done in the same color as the garment that traces the edges of the lapels, pocketing, and sometime the seams of your coats and trousers. It is a sign of quality when done in the old school ways of hand finishing, though today it is common to see it done on fashionable garments via machine work.

If you have the option on selecting a suit with or without pic stitching, always opt for it. The stiching adds an element of richness to a garment that may otherwise seem "blah" and will have you feeling like you belong in an era gone by.

Hold onto the elements of classic dressing....there's a reason they are considered timeless!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Worth it

If you are looking for a shoe company who makes some of the finest footwear in all the world, you should consider Santoni ( They are an italian shoe company, known for crafting footwear from the choicest leathers the world over.

Based on my opinion, these shoes have timeless lines in updated styling. The shoes look similar to the ones that all of your coworkers wear, but after a second glance there's just something different about them. They are a pinch longer, a little leaner and the leathers look aged and cured to perfection, all resulting in more quality and certainly a dash more style.

All of their lines are premium shoes, but their Benchmade collection is their cornerstone. Invest the close to $1,000 in a pair and you will be surprised at how well that money was spent.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Logo or Not to Logo...

Hey.....guy with the 72"golf umbrella bearing his favorite golf club manufacturer's logo.... Can I ask you a question? When was the last time you went onto the golf course and used your suit as your briefcase to carry your clubs?

If you walk the streets on a rainy day, it is inevitable that you will see a decently (even well) dressed man walking around with a full blown golf umbrella. Everything from head to toe was thought out, except for his most obvious accessory - the umbrella.

If you're going to take the time to think about what you're wearing, consider taking the extra step and investing in an umbrella that is consistent with the rest of your attire. A classic wood handle, a sturdy canopy, and logo free......all of those elements wreak of class and consciousness and are a sure fire way of advertising yourself as 'someone who cares' instead of promoting a golf company that has no business in the city.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Shine, Shine, Shine on......

Taking proper care of your footwear is one of the most overlooked "responsbilities" in wardrobe maintenence. Some people are too lazy, some are too cheap and most are simply uneducated on how to actually proceed.

Not all polishes are created equal - if you dont shine your shoes often (or go somewhere that does it for you) you should be using a shoe cream like "Meltonian." ( It provides a deep moisturizer to the leathers, which is essential to the leathers flexbility and longevity. It will also keep the leathers from cracking over time.

If you polish your shoes more than once a month, you should be using a shoe wax like "Kiwi"(, which provides a higher shine than a creme would. If you are looking for that extra gloss, this is the way to go.

Whichever route you choose, using proper shoe care can restore some of your old beat up favorites and continue the life of your current investments. Take these very simple steps and you will find your shoes lasting longer and looking better!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Experiment with Happiness

This isn't something you physically put on, but it is something you can wear regularly. It's always with you, though most of the time you opt not to use it. It can change your day, and it unknowingly will change someone elses the moment you do it with sincerity.

A Smile....yes, a Smile, can be a day changer with exponential benefits.

Think of the last time someone smiled at you before you smiled at them. It made you feel incredible didn't it? You even thought to yourself how rare that was and it most likely stuck with you all day.

Unfortunately most of us don't do it even once a day to a stranger, but all of us are more than willing to accept them incase someone wants to throw one our way. Here's a challenge: Smile at 5 strangers today, and see how good you feel when it's time to go to bed.

My bet is that you will feel invigorated and potentially adapt the idea of smiling into your routine.... A novel idea that will pay you back in spades. It embodies everything this blog is about....Smiles are timeless and they build confidence in yourself and in others. Since you have it with you all the time, you may as well use it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dimples are Duds

Most men are fashion failures. Some are fashion current, but very few are fashion forward. "Forward" doesn't mean wearing runway pieces or things so abstract they look like spacesuits....rather, I am using the term 'forward' to describe a look that is simply uncommon amongst your peers. Specifically (for this post anyway) in the way you knot your tie.

In the quest for the ever perfect dimple, many men have dedicated hours, days or even years to perfecting what they consider to be the quintessential dimple in the top of their tie. Their coworkers recognize it's perfection, and it makes its owner smile internally with pride.

Guess what..... the 'perfect dimple' should be laid to rest for now. You may have worn it well, but others have caught on and learned to tie it better than you did. Take the next step toward individuality and tie your tie with no dimple at all; you will peak people's curiosity and have them asking themselves if they really are as unique as they bet is that they are simply current, when what they want is to be forward....

2 points to the guy in the non-dimpled tie.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flood Warning

Look at your pant bottoms. Are they breaking more than once?

If so, take them to your tailor and have them shortened for a more put together and professional look. The days of the full/double and even triple break have been archived and placed on hold. Now in the mix is the small or sometimes miniscule break from grandpa's closet. Accept it, his generation knew how to look appropriate.

The same idea applies to your jacket sleeves. If you find your shirt sleeves aren't showing when you have a coat on, those things need to be shortened. If your coat sleeves go anywhere past the break in your wrist (where your thumb meets your forearm) you are wearing sleeves too long for your own good. While we're on the topic, your shirt sleeves are probably too long for you too. When they are buttoned, the shouldnt go any further than 1/2" past the break in your wrist.

Use the break of your wrist as the factor in tailoring your jackets and shirt sleeves. Jackets should be at or above (see: closer to your elbow) the break, and shirt sleeves should be at or below (see: closer to your thumb) the break.

Follow these rules and you're 3 steps closer to being presentable.