Monday, November 30, 2009

Attention Getters

Details like big pockets, heavy stitching, zippers, chunky collars, or (most commonly) buttons, draw attention to the areas of your body where they are placed. If you feel uncomfortable wearing certain styles of clothing it is generally because the areas that they are positioned on relative to your body, are areas that you want to improve on or change.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a cardigan sweater, even though they are quite popular, it is because the buttons on the swater start at the middle of the chest and work their way down to the waistline, causing attention to the mid section. Guys who choose to eat more than they workout generally have difficulty because the cardigan emphasizes the stomach.

To combat the issue, opt for items that draw attention toward the top of your profile. Items like 1/4 zip sweaters or half button sweaters start buttons at the chest as well, but work their way up instead of down (like a cardigan) bringing attention to the face and not the stomach. Keep these tips in mind when dressing for the slim factor.

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