Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elevator Etiquette

4 people are standing in the lobby waiting to get into the same elevator....What do you do?

Most people file in line, and are anxious to step in as quickly as possible. Those with a touch of class do the right thing; step to the side, extend their arm to make sure the door closes and wait to allow everyone else to enter before themselves.

The small principle of selflessness will go a long way and make your fellow elevator riders smile and thank you. It's a nice gesture that you can use on a daily basis to help yourself feel good and also make a nice impression on total strangers.

While you're at bold and dare to even have a brief chat once inside the friendly confines. All of the other riders will stare at their feet or look stone faced at the small monitor mounted on the wall. You chose to be be friendly....and that will reward you later in the day.

And when it's time to exit the the last one out as well. Unless there are more than 5 people and it's packed tightly. Then it's everyone for themselves.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jumping to Conclusions

With global warming, comes the inevitability of warmer than normal days....that doesn't mean you need to rush to the section of your closet that houses the lightweight fabrics and weightless selections reserved for the truly warm weather.

It's understandable that you are aching to wear the things that haven't seen daylight in months, however, do yourself a favor and save the seasonal wear for times when they are meant to be worn. I don't subscribe to "having to wait until Labor Day or Memorial Day to wear certain styles and colors - but doing so months in advance is a bit too eager.

Use this as a rule of thumb - if you go outside and see anyone else wearing a top coat or some other winter specific outerwear probabaly should refrain from the seersucker, the white pants, the poplin suit and the loafers sans socks.....

Applause for those who have the restraint to wait for the temperatures to be consistent..... In a world full of instant gratification - you have the ability to wait until the time is right.....and nothing says timeless more than that.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conservative Appeal

Are you in a field that requires conservative attire, but your inner personality is aching for something that says you're different? They key here is to use color tones and contrast to ensure your impactful look is doing what you intend - making a subtle statement.

If you wear basic suits in navy, charcoal and black, always wear a very light colored shirt - preferrably in baby blue or white. Make sure that there is a significant amount of contrast between the tone of your shirt and the suit color....anything remotely dark is a dead giveaway that you are a clueless chap reaching in the wrong direction.

For the tie - tone it down. Times are now calling for simplistic looks that appeal to the eye because of their subtle nature and exceptional fit. The tie is the finishing touch to a suit and you no longer need to wear a bright pink tie with 11 different colors to stand out. Consider doing the exact opposite by going with conservative power and you will stand taller than ever before.

Suggestion: Navy suit. Baby Blue shirt with white collar and white cuff. Navy solid, textured tie.

The key: Fit is everything

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be a Shark

Spring time means you start to see more tans and taupes on the scene. More people starting to want (for the 10th year in a row, without pulling the trigger) a tan poplin summer suit to wear on Fridays or for more casual work wear.

Instead of the typical earthtone attempt, step into a lite gray sharkskin suit. It isn't the most unique thing ever, but it's a wardrobe basic that will likely work better for your skin coloring than the browns you see in stores, and, since it's a solid - you won't have any trouble pairing it with patterns or mixing it with color.

For the best look though, have it tailored with a minimal break on a plain front trouser, trim on the fit with side vents and a shorter coat length.....throw it on over a crisp white shirt, a textured solid tie and warm up to the compliments you are about to receive.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cash Transport

There are sightly and unsightly ways to carry your money around. Avoid being the guy who hauls a lump of leather stuffed with 73 cards associated with debit, credit, gift, insurance, donor, business or ID. Instead, pick the ones you use on a regular basis and organize them in a slim card holder made of fine calfskin or alligator.

Not only will it save your back from sitting on what is essentailly a boulder, but it will have you more organized and polished for the times when you need to pay for something.

On the assumption that you have cash to carry as it the old school way and put a money clip to use. Keep them separate and when the time comes when you lose your wallet - atleast it's counterpart will still be in tow.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Color Pop

Sunshine makes me think of all things happy. It brings on the anticipation of spring and the resurrection of people actually smiling instead of moping with their faces buried in their scarves.

As it relates to clothing, sunshine makes you want to put on your brighter colors and add a dash of life to your otherwise conservative clothes. Even if you're a banker - or perhaps just someone who keeps things simple - consider investing in a core piece or two this spring that will help incorporate the unexpected.

A yellow belt, a teal tie......a pink pocket square or a green blazer.....

Just do something to start having fun. With the amount of compliments you will undoubtedly receive, it's only a matter of time before you start becoming known as a dandy. Which is exactly when you revert back to your conservative days to keep em' guessing