Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jumping to Conclusions

With global warming, comes the inevitability of warmer than normal days....that doesn't mean you need to rush to the section of your closet that houses the lightweight fabrics and weightless selections reserved for the truly warm weather.

It's understandable that you are aching to wear the things that haven't seen daylight in months, however, do yourself a favor and save the seasonal wear for times when they are meant to be worn. I don't subscribe to "having to wait until Labor Day or Memorial Day to wear certain styles and colors - but doing so months in advance is a bit too eager.

Use this as a rule of thumb - if you go outside and see anyone else wearing a top coat or some other winter specific outerwear piece....you probabaly should refrain from the seersucker, the white pants, the poplin suit and the loafers sans socks.....

Applause for those who have the restraint to wait for the temperatures to be consistent..... In a world full of instant gratification - you have the ability to wait until the time is right.....and nothing says timeless more than that.

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