Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conservative Appeal

Are you in a field that requires conservative attire, but your inner personality is aching for something that says you're different? They key here is to use color tones and contrast to ensure your impactful look is doing what you intend - making a subtle statement.

If you wear basic suits in navy, charcoal and black, always wear a very light colored shirt - preferrably in baby blue or white. Make sure that there is a significant amount of contrast between the tone of your shirt and the suit color....anything remotely dark is a dead giveaway that you are a clueless chap reaching in the wrong direction.

For the tie - tone it down. Times are now calling for simplistic looks that appeal to the eye because of their subtle nature and exceptional fit. The tie is the finishing touch to a suit and you no longer need to wear a bright pink tie with 11 different colors to stand out. Consider doing the exact opposite by going with conservative power and you will stand taller than ever before.

Suggestion: Navy suit. Baby Blue shirt with white collar and white cuff. Navy solid, textured tie.

The key: Fit is everything

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