Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sole Savers

Most likely you fall into the camp of "people who don't know what do do with their shoe situation when the winter comes around." If so, the fact is you have a couple of opinion is to take advantage of both of them.

1. Wear rubber soled dress shoes. Many shoe makers now craft them in a way that they still look sleek with a low profile rubber sole meant to immitate that of a more traditional leather one. These should be worn on days when it isn't rainign but the streets are definitely wet or snow packed. (

2. Invest in rubber shoe covers called galoshes. There are all kinds from simple black or even brown (generally about $20-$25) to my preferred style from a company called "Swims". These covers are a cut above the masses and retail for more than the standard (about $130) but they will pay you back in compliments. They look more stylish and are available in several colors, not to mention they fit and protect better than their competition. (

The point is, invest in your shoe care and shoe rotation before it's too late. One rainy or snowy day without the proper shoe (or shoe protection) is enough to take your $500 Ferragamos from "deal closers" to "deal breakers!"

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