Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dimples are Duds

Most men are fashion failures. Some are fashion current, but very few are fashion forward. "Forward" doesn't mean wearing runway pieces or things so abstract they look like spacesuits....rather, I am using the term 'forward' to describe a look that is simply uncommon amongst your peers. Specifically (for this post anyway) in the way you knot your tie.

In the quest for the ever perfect dimple, many men have dedicated hours, days or even years to perfecting what they consider to be the quintessential dimple in the top of their tie. Their coworkers recognize it's perfection, and it makes its owner smile internally with pride.

Guess what..... the 'perfect dimple' should be laid to rest for now. You may have worn it well, but others have caught on and learned to tie it better than you did. Take the next step toward individuality and tie your tie with no dimple at all; you will peak people's curiosity and have them asking themselves if they really are as unique as they bet is that they are simply current, when what they want is to be forward....

2 points to the guy in the non-dimpled tie.

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