Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pic it

The lapels on your suit can say a lot about the contruction and integrity of the garment..... Traditionally, "pic stiching" is the visible stiching done in the same color as the garment that traces the edges of the lapels, pocketing, and sometime the seams of your coats and trousers. It is a sign of quality when done in the old school ways of hand finishing, though today it is common to see it done on fashionable garments via machine work.

If you have the option on selecting a suit with or without pic stitching, always opt for it. The stiching adds an element of richness to a garment that may otherwise seem "blah" and will have you feeling like you belong in an era gone by.

Hold onto the elements of classic dressing....there's a reason they are considered timeless!

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