Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where's the Issue?

If your dry cleaners have ever pressed your collars or cuffs to the point of severe wrinkling, don't accept their excuse that the shirt is made poorly. The truth is, the issue is quite the opposite. Traditional quality shirt makers do not "fuse" (fancy word for glue) the inner linings to outer fabrics on the cuffs and collars, they sew them in along the perimiter to ensure a proper fit over the life of the shirt. The reason for the wrinkles is because when a corner dry cleaner quickly sends your shirts through the presses, they aren't paying attention to the collar detail and the hand finishing that should be done.

Instead, they are used to pressing fused shirts, where the collars are stiff as a board and there isn't any fabric to be wrinkled. A quick press job results in wrinkles that are often hard to iron out and a look that says elementary.

While fusing sounds like a quick fix - it does have it's downside because it tends to shrink with regularity. Now you know why your shirts get tight on the neck and short in the sleeves after 6 months or so.

The ideal solution is to find a quality dry cleaner who uses a hand press to finish the focal points of a shirt, and not settle for the closest place to your home. Your clothes are an investment, one worth an extra 5 minute drive if needed.

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