Friday, April 2, 2010

Perfection is Imperfection

In the ongoing quest to look your best, it's important to realize (and come to grips with the fact) that your clothing will never look exactly like it does in the pages of much admired fashion magazines.....

You ask yourself how those clothes look so perfect in those pages.... The quick answer is the clothing has pins in them, the models are mostly stationary, and there is a nice tool they use called PhotoShop. Figure out a way to incorporate those elements into your day to day, and you too can have the same.

My suggestion, however, is to understand that clothing must be mobile. Like our bodies which wear it, the garments are in constant motion and adapt to whatever it is that we are doing. Fit is important, but perfection is impossible. Embrace that thought and you will stop wondering if this or that is fit just right...

Think about it: When you get fitted for a suit or any other tailored piece - you stand still infront of a mirror. You look at every little detail to make sure everything lies smooth. No wrinkles. No stitch out of place. Now, think about the last time you stood that way throughout the day - - you probably cant remember a time, because it doesn't exist!!!!

Stop wasting energy and thought on perfection and realize that if the fit is right, there must be room for imperfection - unless of course you are willing to stand still all day.

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