Monday, April 12, 2010

Too Tight = Too Bad

There isn't a more surefire way to look fat, than if you stuff yourself into ill fitting clothing. It is a misconception that putting on garments a size or 2 small will make you look leaner than you actually are. Regardless of what kind of shape you are in, the truth is, that clothing that resembles a sausage casing, is actually emphasizing what you are trying to hide and is making you uncomfortable in the process.

Do the right thing and buy clothing that fits the way it is supposed to - tailored and trim, without being tight and restrictive. Clothing is much more easily taken in, than it is to let out.

So, even though it feels good to buy things that are a size or 3 smaller than your frame, remember that you live in a world with other people...... people who have to look at you. The common courtesy here is to make the experience for them as pleasing as possible. Selflessness at it's finest :)

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