Monday, September 14, 2009

Perception is everything.....

Whether you like it or not, everyone who you come into contact with on a daily basis forms a perception of who you are and what you are about, based on what you wear-how you accessorize and the way you carry yourself..... it cannot be argued and it isnt necessarily fair, but it is the truth.

How you dress instantaneously influences the way that you are treated by strangers because they have no other grounds to judge you on. The visual image you put forth precedes anything you can say or do to the people who see you....thus, it is the most important factor in making your first impression.

Look at the picture below - without knowing any of these people you are already forming an opinion about each. You have thoughts, both positive and negative, about what each of these people stand for. We do this same exercise several times a day without even realizing it.

Think about the way you tie your tie; it speaks volumes about the person you are or the person you want people to think you are.
  • Four-in-Hand: Very conservative, could care less about trends, wants to just fly under the radar.

  • Half Windsor: Interested in a little bit of an edge, but not quite sure he wants to be noticed everywhere.
  • Full Windsor: Wants to be noticed, likes attention, interested in clothing.

Always remember, a first impression is just impression......after that it is up to you to act like the person you are trying to express. Impressions are on the surface. Who you are at your roots is most vital because at the end of the day, you will be remembered for what you do and not what you say (verbally or through dress)

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