Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling Fall

It's still 75 degrees outside, but the cooler mornings have me wanting to wear fall clothes! Those will have to wait for now, but the good news is that all of the magazines, stores and talk is about tweeds, flannels and weightier wools.

Most men are year round dressers - meaning they wear the same things regardless of the season....except for a short sleeve shirt here, or a heavy sweater there....

With the return to classic clothing and 40's/50's era dress, seasonal clothing is getting more attention than it has for several years.

Do yourself a favor and try a few outfits this year in season specific finishes. As usual, stick to more basic patterns for your firsts additions; it will allow you to mix and match with multiple pieces and also wear more regularly than some more patterned pieces you may be tempted with.

How to wear it? Think Classic American.... Cary Grant & The Kennedys....

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