Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pay it Forward by Influencing Others

You have it, your parents have it, your teachers have it, the woman behind the counter at your grocery store has it and the UPS delivery man has it.

Do you wear your belt a certain way? Do wear your hat on a slight angle? Is your hair styled differently than your friends? Do you drink a certain drink? Are the shoes you're wearing the exact same as everyone elses? Of course not! The reasons you buy what you buy, walk how you walk, or wear what you wear is because you want those things to say something about who you are..... Each is a part of your individual style and is a reflection of how you want to be perceived by others.

It's "your style" but really you picked up those cues from seeing it somewhere else....unfortunately the only ones you recognize are the ones whos style appeals to you. If you're looking for some individuality or perhap some inspiration, take note of how people package themselves. You will find some things you admire and learn to appreciate people for who they are in the process!

Next time you see someone who's image you appreiate, recognize why and duplicate it the next time you want to get noticed.... who knows, perhaps it will influence another onlooker. It's a way of paying it forward.

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