Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Watch Out..... The time is now

Men only have a few options when accessorizing... and a watch - or timepiece - is generally the most comfortable way for one to do so. The reason is because a watch is consistent with what most men seek out:

1. Functionality and purpose

2. Common amongst their peers
3. Indulgent
Watches can be incredibly cheap or incredibly expensive. Regardless of how much you pay for it, the overall purpose of it remains the same: To keep us on time for whatever we are doing..... and of course to tell our onlookers a little something about who we are.

These are some of the watches I love most. Each has an element of timelessness to it but with a dash of character that sets it apart from something more pedestrian.
Do yourself a favor and invest in a time piece. If you're anything like me, it will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction everytime you put it on.

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