Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Show it Off

If you have ever gotten your jacket sleeves tailored in a department store, the odds are they are far too long. Your sleeves should go no further than the break in your wrist, where your hand meets your arm..... Do this test: relax your arms straight down the side of your body....now make a "thumbs up."

Your shirt, if properly fitted, will go about a 1/4" below that break in your wrist. The jacket sleeve should be cut about a 1/4" above the break in your wrist, allowing you to show 1/2" of cuff when your jacket is on. Anywhere between a quarter inch and a full inch of cuff is common and appropriate looking. The more cuff you show, the more european the flair.... the more fitted the suit, the more cuff you can get away with showing off.

Remember these simple rules for sleeve length, and you're one step looking closer to decent.

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