Monday, September 28, 2009

Put a lid on it....

Trilby, Bowler, Stingy Brim, Porkpie, Homburg and Derby: Sound familiar? I'm guessing not....

Let' try another one: Fedora?

Correct, these are all names of different types of hats that gentleman (traditionally)can don on the tops of their heads. It used to be that men and hats were synonomous; they simply wouldn't leave the house unless they had the appropriate headwear to accompany the days attire.
Gone are those days, but thankfully the millinery scene is making a comeback of sorts. The last few years have paved way for it to be cool to wear proper headwear. Many celebrities, politicians, fashionistas and nobodys have all given a nod to the throwback stylings of yesteryear by making a statement with their hats and opting for a look that is both current and classic.

Traditionally made of fine felt, the world's best hats (in my opinion, and many others' as well) come from a local Chicago milliner and friend named Graham Thompson. His shop is called Optimo Hats ( and they are located on Chicago's south side. He crafts all of his products by hand in the old world ways of manufacturing; one piece at a time, as if they were art. Pick one up, and you will likely care for it as if it were.

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