Monday, September 21, 2009

More than a pair

Most men, unfortunately, fall into the trap of wearing the same 1 or 2 shoes every single day of the work week. Not only is it monotonous, boring and tasteless; it is taking away from what should be a lengthy lifespan for your footwear.
By investing in quality goods and developing a rotation that has versatility, practicality and logic - you will do justice to the rest of your clothing by allowing each to be paired up in more ways than your previously imagined. You shouldn't ever have to wear your shoes 2 days in a rown, unless of course, you are on a short business trip and packing more than 1 seems unattractive.

The truth is, footwear needs to relax after each wear to allow the perspiration to dry out properly. By inserting a cedar shoe tree into the shoe, you will maintain the shape, and pull the moisture away from the leather properly, thus eliminating any odor that may have existed otherwise.

You wouldn't wear the same suit, pant of shirt 2 days in a row (we hope) so there isn't any reason to do so with your footwear. Build a rotation slowly, and you will eventually find yourself with shoe options to fit every occasion. If you actually do 'wear a shoe out' in less than 2 years, you dont have enough.

As with anything, build it logically by adding these shoes first: Dress Lace shoes in black, cordovan and medium brown. Dress Loafers in Chestnut and Black. Casual loafers in brown, black and chestnut. After those - go with what you love.....until then, add logically.

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