Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working in Harmony

Dressing with multiple accessories and coordinating (not matching) parts can be a difficult task, but when executed properly it virtually guarantees you compliments throughout the day....and who doesn't like that????

In this picture you can see that a basic gray herringbone blazer is worn with a little bit of flair. A light lavendar check shirt, with white collar adds a background of uniqueness, and the tie compliments the color of the shirt, amplifying its appearance. The 4th, and most difficult element of the outfit is the pocketsquare. Never match the square identically to the comes off as amateur. Instead, look for colors that work together, and if the pattern does as well, that's extra credit.

A brown suede belt and shoe adds the curiosity. Black would be the pedestrian choice but we aren't into that and you shouldn't be either.

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