Friday, December 25, 2009

The New Christmas Sweater

Christmas sweater parties are well known for green, red and white chunky wool tops, two sizes too small and ideal for funny photo opportunities. These days the Christmas sweater is staging a comeback of massive proportions with offerings from well known designers as well as the inclination to dive into the basement boxes that house your parents' from their younger years.

It's true, most things in fashion are cyclical and this is no exception. Wear one with jeans or corduroys and do your part in bringing back the spirit of the Christmas Sweater. The more reindeer, pine trees and snowflakes on your sweater, the better. Be bold, be festive and be confident! Happy Holidays.


  1. I want the sweater this guy is wearing! Where can I buy these things?????

  2. oh dear god please tell us where you can buy the sweater this guy is wearing!!!!