Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lot Going On

I don't usually wear colored shirts, but today I was in the mood for some reason. The suit is a royal blue color with a 3 1/2" orange and rust colored windowpane......The shirt is an alternating orange and white bengal stripe (1/8" stripes) which looks like faint orange solid from a distance of about 15 feet. The tie coordinate with the suit because it is a similar royal blue, and the pattern on the tie compliments the shirt..... To always "get it right" with your tie selections, make sure the pattern of the tie has the color of the shirt....almost as if the shirt is peeking through the tie (if the patterns were holes instead)....kind of confusing, but you get the picture. For dressing 202, coordinate the tie color to the suit as well as the shirt. You'll need to increase your tie arsenal....but that pisn't a bad thing. Leather goods (ie: belts, shoes and watch straps) should coordinate as well, if possible.

Happy mixing! This is the season to try it because if all else fails....just keep your coat on and cover up.


  1. Where is the tie bar from? And do you think the tie pattern matches the shirt stripe too much?

  2. Paul Stuart tie bar... tie pattern is close, but i think it works... but then again, I put it on.... better question YOU think the sizes are too similar?

  3. I think it works...goes against stead fast rules but that is why it works....huge windowpane suit probably helps. Really like the tie bar. Tie Pins do you have to wear them with button down shirts?