Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The mixing of pieces that are formal with pieces that are casual will forever be known as "form-asual" ....atleast in my mind anyway. Gone are the days when dressing had set rules that must be obeyed....now, the best dressed people know how to mix tuxedo trimmings (ie: patent leather shoes) with weekender relaxation (denim) and carry it off with effortless class.

Some of my favorite "formasual" recipes are french cuff shirts with sportcoats, white collar/cuff shirts without neckwear, chunky cable knit sweaters with a bow tie, patent leather and jeans....you get the point. Incorporate items from both ends of your wardrobes for something different......

Oh, and if you're wondering if that velvet blazer that you have counts for mixing formal and casual....yes, it does. It is likely the most widespread formasual attire out there, but that means the masses have caught on to that one look and it also means that you are one of a million if you put the same outfit on as the mannequin in Barneys, Nordstroms Macys and Filenes Basement...... mix your own ideas and start having fun with formasual...you don't want to look like a plastic person, you want to look like yourself.

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