Friday, December 11, 2009

Brutal Cold Not Brutal Taste

Just because the temperatures in a lot of the country have dipped below human comfort, it doesn't mean that the tastefulness of your attire should suffer as much as you are. In fact, the colder it gets, the better the chance you have to stand apart from the masses. Reason being: most people use the cold weather as an excuse to just pack on the layers without thinking about coordinating anything.

Use that as an opportunity to put some thought into your outerwear and accessories. A tasteful shearling jacket instead of a ski parka on the way to work. A cashmere scarf instead of a polar fleece. A traditional felt fedora instead of a stocking cap. Cashmere lined leather gloves instead of puffy obnoxious mutant covers. Rubber soled dress shoes instead of chunky rubber overshoes.... you get the point.

Wherever you fall short (in terms of cold weather clothing) consider changing your challenges into ahievements and feeling great about stepping outside when the weather has you craving the inside. You'll be glad you did the moment you get your first double take.

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