Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seal of Approval

My favorite gift that I have ever received from my wife is something a little off the beaten path, literally. It's an item with a story, a history and undoubtedly something that has survived through generation upon generation of use.

Though recently outfitted to more appropriately reflect me, I think of where this item may have been when it was with it's first owner each and every time I use it....which is daily. It's worn, beat up, made of cast iron, and shows no signs of age when put to use. It works as well now as it did the first time it was used.

I'm referring to an antique embosser from ages passed, retrofitted with an embossing disk bearing my initials. I use it for something very simple - to stamp stationary. It's personal, it's unique and it sends a message to the receiver....

To me, stamping stationary yourself is more fun than having someone else do it for you.... it's lasted this long, why not continue to tradtion.

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