Thursday, October 22, 2009

Opposites Attract

If you have ever been bored with the way one of your older (or newer, for this matter) suits looks, you should consider adding another element.

A vest can be worn with a suit to give it more of a layered look and doesn't necessarily have to match your suit identically to be appropriate. If you have the option of getting matching cloth (generally in custom clothing), the look is very formal and buttoned up, certainly an elevated way of dressing.

If you don't have matching cloth, be sure to choose something that is noticeably contrasting so you don't look like you're trying to match your suit to your vest.....this is the equivalent of wearing non matching trousers with a suit coat: amateur hour.
Sweater vests and cardigans work best for sportcoat outfits while tailored vests look stunning for suits. Give it a try and add another element to your wardrobe; you're almost a guarantee to get compliments if it's done right.

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