Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to Mix Pattern

If you have ever wondered if you can wear a stripe on top of a stripe, or a plaid with a stripe with a check, or a check with a check with a check, the answers are all yes.

Don't be afraid to mix patterns, they all go together....the key to getting this correct is mixing with the right sizes. When mixing pattern, be sure that the patterns are of noticeably different sizes or widths.

For example, wearing a suit with a 1.5" stripe is excellent when paired with a striped shirt width of 1/16" because the stripes are noticeably different in size. Throw on a solid colored tie, and you are good to go.

If you keep your sizes different, feel free to mix whatever you'd like.

Notice in the picture, the windowpane on the suit is much larger than the print of the tie. That allows the eye to focus on the look overall, as opposed to having difficulty figuring out where to focus; a common problem when pairing several pieces of similar size.

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