Friday, October 30, 2009

A Key is Contrast

Another way to put the "odds of looking good" in your favor is to play the card of contrast. The more contrast you put into a look, the more powerful or impactful the impression. Conversely, more monochromatic looks tend to come off as soft and gentle.

Think of it in terms of a suit - for your dressiest occasions, and ones where you want to be perceived as powerful, you will generally lean toward wearing a white shirt and a dark suit. The contrast between a dark exterior (suit) and a bright white interior (shirt), along with a textured solid tie of similar tone to the suit results in a look that is confident, competant and full of impression.

When guys wear a dark suit (think charcoal) with a dark shirt (think gray or even worse, red), and an even darker tie; the end result looks like your high school prom meeting the business world. You've grown up, start dressing like it.

If you want to put a good foot forward and have a look that is remembered, use contrast to your advantage and include a minimal number of colors.

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