Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Man Purse = Murse

Is he carrying a man bag? Is that dude wearing a "murse?"

If you have ever said one of those two statements to yourself or some of your friends, you should be ashamed. A man carrying a bag is one of the most logical ideas if you actually take a second to think about it, and making fun of those who do is simply a cryout of insecurity.

There are reasons why women never leave home without one (it's fucntional), and reasons why we, as men, are always clammoring for the right place to put that phone, gum, pen, wallet or whatever else you find yourself using on a daily basis (we can be illogical).

Bags hold things of size or of odd shapes, and allow you to carry lifes necessities without looking like you have your pant pockets stuffed with socks; so the next time you find yourself saying "I wish I had my (fill in whatever you find yourself missing regularly), consider purchasing a tote of some sort, and using it regularly....just be ready for the "man bag" comments and defend your position with pride!

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't agree more, depending on the situation. A dude carrying a bag when he doesn't need one (aka as an accessory) - that's a Murse. But businessmen carry briefcases, young business professionals carry messenger type bags all the time, why does it disappear at any time other than for work? I wear mine all the time - just displayed it today - a curious monogram: what I'm carrying this Fall http://bit.ly/xv2PC