Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easy Street

You've seen the looks in magazines if you read any of the men's periodicals. Plaid is in. It's current. It's what you are supposed to be wearing for weekends, evenings, and yes....even with your suits.

For those who are fashion "current" instead of fashion "forward"..... (meaning you like what others are wearing now and don't want to be unique), this is for you.

It can be difficult to convince yourself to walk out the door with a plaid shirt on under a suit. The pattern is dominating and can be hard to pair with ties. An easy way to cure this is to have your plaids made with a white collar and white cuff. The contrast gives an edge of crispness to your look and dresses up the often casual plaid feeling.

Give it a try and inherit a look that was meant for the woods, with new significance in the boardroom.


  1. I would officially like a formal apology for introducing this concept probably close to a year, year-and-a-half ago to you and getting shunned.

    Lookin' good though my man!

  2. Sharp-shooter, you are!
    John just forwarded me this lil' blog-tip.....did you know that he reads your blog? Unreal....but I like it!