Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remove The Tags

Some things are meant to be broken. In the world of tailored clothing, nothing fits this mantra better than vent stitches and sleeve tags. Break them, and do so immediately!

Have you ever been walking down the street and see someone with a coat on, and notice that the vent in the back of the coat is still sewn shut? Even worse, that the vent is simply "tacked" closed at the bottom, causing it to pucker? Do that person a favor and kindly suggest to them that those vents are meant to be functional, and they should remove the baste stitch. They will thank you for it, I assure you.

Along those lines, but worse is the person who is still wearing the branding tag on the left sleeve of the suit coat, or outerwear piece. They want people to know they have on "Calvin Klein" or whoever it may be.... but what they don't know is that those tags are supposed to be removed when the sleeves are shortened, lengthened or just worn for the first time.

Oh, and when you "can't use your pockets" on nice pants or suit pockets - - It isn't that those pockets don't work, it's that there is a basting stitch in there. Just open the pocket and cut one of the stitches....Those pockets are meant to be used if you choose to do so.

People appreciate being educated, so the next time you see someone in need of a tip.... let them know how it's supposed to be worn. They will be embarrassed at first but thankful later on.... and will likely pass on your words of wisdom to someone else they see committing their old mistake.


  1. I bought a CK coat, but this sleeve label is not easy to remove: it needs very delicate manicure scissors, and the material behind the tag still imprints the tag. They couldn't remove it in the store, just the major tags, so I had to wear it because it was cold during my trip. It doesn't look that bad, but I think it should be removed. Just I wish they didn't stitch it that "permanent". And why would they do it if it has to be removed anyway?

  2. I agree. My CK coat is a loosely woven houndstooth fabric and I don't think I can remove the tag without damaging the sleeve. The tag sucks because it doesn't match the coat.