Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who Are You?

In a time when everything old is now newer than ever, we should start to reconsider a small part of individuality that is often overlooked in today's menswear. It's simple, but impactful. Small in size but large in presence. It means different things to different people....but like it or not, the monogram is on the rise......again.

The up and comers in the corporate world (25-40 year olds) seem timid to put a monogram on their shirts for the fear that they will come off as high brow and egotistical. Understandable to a certain degree, until you take a step back and think about the logic behind them. The monogram that is.

They can be placed almost anywhere on the shirt. Your decision on where to put them will also say something about you. Left or right cuff for visibility. Lower waist area for humbleness. The font can say the most about you.....certain styles say that you're peculiar, you're stuffy, you're full of yourself, you're understated, etc....Just be sure to choose the one that most accurately suits you.

The point is: monograms add an element a notch above what's common. It doesn't mean they are stuffy, it just means you care about your appearance enough to invest in something unique...and for that, we appreciate you.

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